Ceiling Ghost

Source: http://vkepitaph.tistory.com/349

This is a story that I heard from a senior soldier while I was in the military.
When that soldier was just a plain citizen, he used to know a really nice girl.
But suddenly one day, she started to have nightmares.

When she was sleeping, she could see a female that could only be considered a ghost who was crawling slowly down from the ceiling right down next to her.
It was too realistic to just be a dream.
As if she was stuck in sleep paralysis, the ghost would slowly come down until she could see every little detail of the ghost's skin.

Of course, she wasn't able to move or scream.

After she kept dreaming of the same thing, she finally spoke to her family about it.
Her mother decided to call a shaman to solve the problem.

The shaman came and after performing an exorcism, spoke up.

"She doesn't know where to go, so that's why she's appearing to you. So when she shows up again, point to the sky. That way, she'll be able to pass away."

So before she fell asleep, the friend kept on memorizing, 'Point to the sky, point to the sky...'

The ghost, as usual, came again that night.
She was very scared, but she remembered the shaman's words and lifted her hand.
But to point toward the sky was to point at the ghost.

She was so scared, that instead of pointing up, she pointed to the next room.
The ghost's gaze was now pointed not at her, but to the direction that she pointed in, and disappeared through the wall.
The friend finally relaxed and slept deepy...

It turns out that her father, who was in the room next to her, passed away while sleeping.

I wasn't able to hear what happened afterwards, but it really was a chilling story that I heard while on midnight patrol.

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Corner Game

Source: various blogs in Naver

Corner Game is a game using a room's four corners.
There's a superstition that "If you look at one of the corners of the dark room before you sleep, ghosts will come haunt you."
From ages before, there's many myth sayings that corners are very unlucky.
Mental images of corners are often dark and gloomy, rather than bright and happy.

Ghosts that crawl around the ceiling use the four corners to come down to the floor,
And ghosts that stand in your room also use the corners.

The game requires each of the 4 players to sit in corners and rotate to arouse the ghosts's curiosity,
and people report that sometimes the ghost messes around with them and sometimes plays along with them.
In an empty room without any furniture.

To play:
1. The 4 players are to clear out the house (There can't be any other person or pets in the house).
2. Except for the room where you're going to play, turn off all the lights.
3. Once you enter the selected room, call out your name 3 times.
4. Then talk amongst yourselves to decide who will give out signals (if during the game, someone who's not the designated talker speaks, then all might be injured).
5. Close the door to the room.
6. Each of the 4 people pick 4 corners to stand in, and face the wall.

ex) Friend1 -- Friend 4
| |
| |
Friend 2 -- Friend 3

7. The person who's to give out the signal is to say "One, two, three" and then everyone rotates.
(if you accidentally run into the other player, quietly turn on the light and start again after a few seconds.)

ex) Friend 2 -- Friend 1
| |
| |
Friend 3 -- Friend 4

8. They say that during the game, someone will disappear. If someone does disappear, then the signaling person lets others know through a signal.
9. Then after muttering your name backwards 3 times, press your back to the wall and turn on the light. (Then the person who disappeared will come back.)

If someone is standing still, then you can assume that it's a ghost who wanted to play along.
If the ghost comes, do not talk to it.
(It's good to decide on a signal to alert others that the ghost is here.)

To end:
1. If one of the players is standing still in one spot, then assume that it's a ghost and after the signal, go behind the person.
2. When all 4 people gather around with their backs to the wall, place your hands on the switch and whisper each's name backwards 3 times, and turn on the switch.
3. After the game, open all the doors in order and refresh the room for 1~2 minutes.
Personal experiences:

1. I told my friends about the game and convinced them to do it.
So around 2 at night, we decided to do it.
Corner Game start~!
I think we switched around for 5~10 minutes?
We noticed someone standing in the corner...
We assumed that it was a ghost and hurriedly finished the game.

After that.... One friend was missing! Missing!!
We were looking for where she went, and she came out from the bathroom.
She said that she remembered doing the Corner Game, but not how she went to the bathroom.
When she said that, we all froze hahahahaha...

The game it self wasn't very scary... But it just gives you goosebumps.

2. My friends A,B,C, and I decided to scare our friend D.
We decided for B to hide under the bed when doing the Corner Game.
Then as D was passing by, B was going to grab her ankle.

We stood in the corner like this:

B ------- D
| |
| |
| |

We were to circle two times so that when B goes under the bed and after I pass the bed, B would pass next.

We got ready to play the game and whenever we would change our spots, we decided to knock on the floor with our toes.
That way, we knew that all 4 of us were here.
I would knock, then B would knock twice, etc.
So to summarize:

me - 1 knock
B - 2 knocks
D - 3 knocks
C - 4 knocks

It would be too scary if we slammed on our feet, so we decided on the knocks hahahaha.

After we made 1 turn around the room, we were starting our second turn.
Suddenly B starts smiling because it's her cue to go under the bed.

Knock Knock

There wasn't any sound, even though we waited for a minute.

Knock Knock Knock Knock

Suddenly there was a sound.
It was so scary.
But I decided to not panic and continued with game.

Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knock Knock

This pattern continued.


After a while

Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knoc

Ah, so we're all here~
So I was relieved and turned on the light, and

me -------no one
| |
| |
| |

Then B crawled out from underneath the bed, and was shaking badly.

"What's wrong??"

"I was under the bed this entire time..."

"So what?"

"But there still was a knocking sound. Even though I wasn't able to use my hands or feet."

(for those that are confused, though B was under the bed and couldn't use her hands/feet to make her number of knocks (2), there still was someone or something make the knocks instead.)

(it was actually a joke by B to scare her three friends lol)

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Cursed poem

Source: http://tinyurl.com/45xuebv

This is popular Japanese story is about a poem called "Tomino's Hell."
They say that you should only read with your mind, and never out loud.
If you were to read it out loud, then you must take responsibility for your actions.

"Tomino's Hell" (トミノの地獄) is written by Yomota Inuhiko (四方田 犬彦) in a book called "The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone" (心は転がる石のように),
And was included in Saizo Yaso's (西條 八十) 27th collection of poems in 1919.
It's not sure how this rumor started, but there's only a warning that "If you read this poem out loud, tragic things (凶事) will happen."
It just looks like a curse.
It asks to not compare this with the common "You'll grow taller" or even "My parents died."
Do you get a sense of how dangerous this is?

This story used to be very popular in 2ch, and there were many people taking pictures and videos as proof and posting them on 2ch.
There were many users that said that nothing happened, but there were also many posts that didn't have the user come back to post the results.
I think it's more scary than someone posting that someone else got sick or that someone else passed away.

But if you were to read it out loud, it's better to read it in Japanese rather than the translation.

Tomino no Jigoku
(Tomino's Hell)

Saijo Yaso

ane wa chi wo haku, imoto wa hihaku,
His older sister vomitted blood, his younger sister vomitted fire,
可愛いトミノは 宝玉(たま)を吐く。
kawaii tomino wa tama wo haku
And the cute Tomino vomitted glass beads.
hitori jihoku ni ochiyuku tomino,
Tomino fell into Hell alone,
jigoku kurayami hana mo naki.
Hell is wrapped in darkness and even the flowers don't bloom.
muchi de tataku wa tomino no aneka,
Is the person with the whip Tomino's older sister,
鞭の朱総(しゅぶさ)が 気にかかる。
muchi no shubusa ga ki ni kakaru.
I wonder who the whip's shubusa(?) is.
tatake yatataki yare tataka zutotemo,
Hit, hit, without hitting,
mugen jigoku wa hitotsu michi.
Familiar Hell's one road.
kurai jigoku e anai wo tanomu,
Would you lead him to the dark Hell,
kane no hitsu ni, uguisu ni.
To the sheep of gold, to the bush warbler.
kawa no fukuro ni yaikura hodoireyo,
I wonder how much he put into the leather pocket,
mugen jigoku no tabishitaku.
For the preparation of the journey in the familiar Hell.
春が 来て候(そろ)林に谿(たに)に、
haru ga kitesoru hayashi ni tani ni,
Spring is coming even in the forest and the steam,
kurai jigoku tanina namagari.
Even in the steam of the dark Hell.
kagoni yauguisu, kuruma ni yahitsuji,
The bush arbler in the birdcage, the sheep in the wagon,
kawaii tomino no me niya namida.
Tears in the eyes of cute Tomino.
nakeyo, uguisu, hayashi no ame ni
Cry, bush warbler, toward the raining forest
妹恋しと 声かぎり。
imouto koishi to koe ga giri.
He shouts that he misses his little sister.
nakeba kodama ga jigoku ni hibiki,
The crying echo reverberates through out Hell,
kitsunebotan no hana ga saku.
The fox penoy blooms.
jigoku nanayama nanatani meguru,
Circling around Hell's seven mountains and seven streams,
kawaii tomino no hitoritabi.
The lonely journey of cute Tomino.
地獄ござらばもて 来てたもれ、
jigoku gozarabamo de kitetamore,
If they're in Hell bring them to me,
hari no oyama no tomebari wo.
The needle of the graves.
akai tomehari date niwa sasanu,
I won't pierce with the red needle,
kawaii tomino no mejirushini.
In the milestones of little Tomino.

tag : curse,poem,tomino,hell

Another Person

Source: http://tinyurl.com/3qgsmyv

Yeonghi was in an exchange student program and stayed overseas for 2 years.
She finished her courses and was able to come back to Korea.
Her friends wanted to congratulate Yeonghi and suggested to have a party in Yeonghi's house.
She of course agreed and they all went to her house from the airport.
She lived away from her parents in a one-room house, and Yeonghi regretted that her house was just a single room.
But still, her kind friends kept on congratulating her and starte the party.

It was getting late and some her friends had to leave, so Yeonghi suggested that they take a picture.
It was to celebrate the fact that Yeonghi was back in Korea and to keep their friendship forever, so her friends put down their stuff and said "One, two, three, cheeeese~" and took a picture.
Since it was inside the house, the background was dark but you could see her house layout and all the friends were laughing.
Yeonghi was very pleased with the picture.

The next day, Yeonghi went to a photo studio.

Yeonghi: Can I get 5 copies of this?
Man: You look happy. Did something good happen?
Yeonghi: Ah, I just came back from a foreign exchange student program and just came back. Look! I took this picture with my friends~
Man: You're all laughing, you've got great friends. ^^

So she talked with the employee until the picture was developed and left.
She called her friends to distribute the picture, and went to a nearby cafe to wait.
She took out the photos to make sure they were developed correctly, and noticed something weird.

Yeonghi: Huh... What's this? Something's shining.

She and her 4 friends were all smiling and looking at the camera, and there was someone else in the dark background.
Yeonghi squinted and studied the picture closely, and saw that that something had the expression of being surprised and was hurriedly climbing up the closet with a fruit knife.
The shining thing was the fruit knife that was reflected by the camera's flash.

Yeonghi: One... Two..Three, four... Five... All five of us are here... Who is this? Is it.. A ghost? Did a ghost come while I wasn't here?

Time passed and she kept on thinking.
Then her friends came and greeted each other.
When all her friends sat down next to her, Yeonghi talked about the picture.
Yeonghi and her friends loved ghost stories, and in the hopes of this being a picture of a ghost, went back to the photo studio.

Yeonghi: Mister, something's weird with this photo. There's one more person in here, and could this be the psychogram that we hear so much about?

The employee told them to wait a moment and went back into his workroom.

Yeonghi: It'll be so cool if it really was a ghost!
Friends: Of course! Your house will be known as a ghost house!
Yeonghi: Then will I get money and what not??
Friends: Hey maybe so! Hahaha! Fear is great during hot days hahahah!

Then, the employee came back.

Yeonghi: So, mister, is it really a ghost?
Man: Ah this isn't a ghost.
Yeonghi: Awwww, okay. Thank you very much.

Yeonghi felt great disappointment and gave pictures to her friends and went back home.
Her friends knew how disappointed she was and though they wanted to help her, they didn't know what to do.
Then not too soon later, one friend suddenly screamed.

Friend1: OH MY GOD!!!
Friend2: What, what?! You scared me!!
Friend1: Quick!! Call Yeonghi back!!
Friend2: Hey, hey, what's wrong!

At that moment, Yeonghi unlocked the front door and went inside her home.
With a click the door opened and Yeonghi let out a sigh as she went inside.

Yeonghi: *sigh*... It would have been great it if was a ghost...

Yes, it would have been great if it was only a ghost....

(The extra thing in the picture wasn't a ghost, but a person. A murderer.)

tag : another,person,yeonghi

[2ch] Huddled Person

Source: http://blog.naver.com/outlook_exp/40142347343

I experienced this last summer. It was at night, and I was driving down the highway with my cousin in the passenger's seat.
We were going over some bridge when I saw someone huddled in the dark road.
He was right next to the railing and was huddled over with his back to the road.
"Is that person crazy? What's he doing at night?"
Thinking that, I lessened my speed a little.
I was tired, and didn't think too much. The car soon approached the person.

"That's right, there's someone who died around here due to a car crash. It was some middle-aged lady... Then is that person her husband?
Even so, even in this night, there's no reason to wear such thick clothes in August...
Now that I think about it, the accident was in the middle of winter..."

Soon the car was almost crossing over the bridge...10m...5m...

When about 5m was left, the person that was huddled over started to move.
Then towards the direction of our car, he started to crawl just like a caterpillar.
I was about to hit him even if I slam on the brake!

"This craz-!!"
I screamed and turned the handle to the right.
I was going a little slow and was alert, so I was able to avoid an accident.
Both relief and anger exploded in me.
"Is he a drunk?"
I drove on and tried to see him again through the back mirror, but there was no one on the bridge.

Then after few seconds, when I was able to recall the situation calmly, I felt a chill through my body as if someone had dumped cold water on me.
"Hey ____ (cousin's name)! Did you see that!"

I called to my cousin next to me, but he was shaking badly and was huddled over.

I tried my hardest to erase what I had seen, but my fear only grew.
"Scary! Scary! Scary!"
I couldn't help it.

The person who was lit by the car's headlights had no eyes, nose, or lips.
Just a pale skin stretched flatly.

tag : 2ch, huddle,person

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