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Yeonghi was in an exchange student program and stayed overseas for 2 years.
She finished her courses and was able to come back to Korea.
Her friends wanted to congratulate Yeonghi and suggested to have a party in Yeonghi's house.
She of course agreed and they all went to her house from the airport.
She lived away from her parents in a one-room house, and Yeonghi regretted that her house was just a single room.
But still, her kind friends kept on congratulating her and starte the party.

It was getting late and some her friends had to leave, so Yeonghi suggested that they take a picture.
It was to celebrate the fact that Yeonghi was back in Korea and to keep their friendship forever, so her friends put down their stuff and said "One, two, three, cheeeese~" and took a picture.
Since it was inside the house, the background was dark but you could see her house layout and all the friends were laughing.
Yeonghi was very pleased with the picture.

The next day, Yeonghi went to a photo studio.

Yeonghi: Can I get 5 copies of this?
Man: You look happy. Did something good happen?
Yeonghi: Ah, I just came back from a foreign exchange student program and just came back. Look! I took this picture with my friends~
Man: You're all laughing, you've got great friends. ^^

So she talked with the employee until the picture was developed and left.
She called her friends to distribute the picture, and went to a nearby cafe to wait.
She took out the photos to make sure they were developed correctly, and noticed something weird.

Yeonghi: Huh... What's this? Something's shining.

She and her 4 friends were all smiling and looking at the camera, and there was someone else in the dark background.
Yeonghi squinted and studied the picture closely, and saw that that something had the expression of being surprised and was hurriedly climbing up the closet with a fruit knife.
The shining thing was the fruit knife that was reflected by the camera's flash.

Yeonghi: One... Two..Three, four... Five... All five of us are here... Who is this? Is it.. A ghost? Did a ghost come while I wasn't here?

Time passed and she kept on thinking.
Then her friends came and greeted each other.
When all her friends sat down next to her, Yeonghi talked about the picture.
Yeonghi and her friends loved ghost stories, and in the hopes of this being a picture of a ghost, went back to the photo studio.

Yeonghi: Mister, something's weird with this photo. There's one more person in here, and could this be the psychogram that we hear so much about?

The employee told them to wait a moment and went back into his workroom.

Yeonghi: It'll be so cool if it really was a ghost!
Friends: Of course! Your house will be known as a ghost house!
Yeonghi: Then will I get money and what not??
Friends: Hey maybe so! Hahaha! Fear is great during hot days hahahah!

Then, the employee came back.

Yeonghi: So, mister, is it really a ghost?
Man: Ah this isn't a ghost.
Yeonghi: Awwww, okay. Thank you very much.

Yeonghi felt great disappointment and gave pictures to her friends and went back home.
Her friends knew how disappointed she was and though they wanted to help her, they didn't know what to do.
Then not too soon later, one friend suddenly screamed.

Friend1: OH MY GOD!!!
Friend2: What, what?! You scared me!!
Friend1: Quick!! Call Yeonghi back!!
Friend2: Hey, hey, what's wrong!

At that moment, Yeonghi unlocked the front door and went inside her home.
With a click the door opened and Yeonghi let out a sigh as she went inside.

Yeonghi: *sigh*... It would have been great it if was a ghost...

Yes, it would have been great if it was only a ghost....

(The extra thing in the picture wasn't a ghost, but a person. A murderer.)

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