[2ch] The Neighbor Downstairs

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I used to live in an apartment alone, and the person downstairs was dangerous.

"Hey you piece of shit, you're loud!"
He was dressed like a demon, and came to our house and started getting angry.
"Are you doing gymnastics or something? I can't sleep! Think about the person downstairs!"
It felt like he was about to choke me, but when I'm home I only sleep or read books. I don't make any thumping sounds, so I didn't believe him.
But still, he was pretty angry, and was wearing something like a Yakuza outfit.
He always went back after I apologized. Maybe he was was a very sensitive person...

Not too long after, instead of him coming to complain, I could hear a "Bang! Bang!" sound from somewhere.
I could hear it from the floor. The man downstairs was probably hitting the ceiling with something.
"Wait, is this a revenge....?" I was getting pissed, and when I was wondering what I should do, the man downstairs suddenly got arrested.
He apparently hit someone from the town.
He was seriously addicted to narcotics, and showed signs of mental illness.
The noise he was complaining about was surely from the delusions.

Then one day,someone [probably the police] went inside his house.
In a room filled with trash, there was a big kitchen knife wrapped in aluminum foil in a makeshift spear.
He was apparently using that to hit the ceiling.
The ceiling was completely dug out, and if he had dug a just little more, they say that he could have seen my room's tatami floor.

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