Scary if You Understand #2


1. Min was close friends with a classmate who could see spirits and ghosts.
Since they were so close, he would hear many stories.

Min: Can you see among those people?
Friend: Yep.
Friend: There's one person who has something on their shoulder.
Min: Is it an evil spirit?
Friend: Yep. I bet that person's shoulders are really heavy.
Min: Ah...

Min suddenly remembered the first day he met his friend.
"Aren't your shoulders heavy?"
The friend had asked Min...

The friend could see an evil spirit on Min's shoulders... And so there's still an evil spirit on Min's shoulders.
2. There was a student who never studied and only played around.
He promised himself that he would only fool around until first year of high school, and that he would get his act together at the start of the 2nd year.
He started to befriend and hang around smart kids, and got great grades.
He and his closest smart friend went to the same college, and went camping with some college friends.
Then the student said that he had a scary story to tell.

"Hey... This is a true story from our school. When I was in my last year of high school, there was a guy. He studied well and got great grades even from his freshman year.
But no matter how hard he studied, he would only place 2nd in the entire student body.
Even during his 2nd year, he was only 2nd place.
When is 3rd year (last year of high school in Korea) came, he tried to distract the student in the 1st place ranking.
When the 1st place student wouldn't study, he studied like hell.
But in the end, he was still 2nd place.
He became so angry, that he committed suicide.
How about it? Isn't it scary?"

The group said it was really lame and not scary, when the smart friend spoke up and the group fell silent.

"Haha should I have been easier on him?"

The 1st place student was the smart friend, and indirectly killed the 2nd place student by not letting his ranking fall.
3. We lived on the 10th floor, and I was watching the TV with my older sister when someone knocked on the door.
We asked who it was, and some lady replied, "May I use your restroom?"
My sister hesitated a little, and told me not to open the door.
The lady kept on knocking on the door.

Then after a while, a deep male voice said, "You guys are lucky this time." and left.

Some guy (murderer probably) was pretending to be a female and was going to come in.
Some guy that was stealing my underwear was caught.
According to the police, it was a high school student that lived nearby.

I didn't like the fact that my underwear was stolen,
but also the fact that I had only just recently moved in to the apartment.
I made a bad mistake choosing that apartment because it was cheap.

"I fell in love with the woman with long hair who stood on the veranda. I couldn't help but to steal."

The police said that the student confessed this,
but there was only my husband and me (short hair) living in the house.

I thought the student was mistaken, and while I was talking with the neighbour outside,
the neighbour's child pointed to our veranda and said,

"Is that girl crying?!"

We were surprised and looked up, but there was no on there.

A female ghost is haunting their house.
5. In one mall, a female student was raped in the bathroom.
The rumour started that since the mall didn't want to ruin its reputation, that it was silencing everyone.
When the rumour became too widespread, one concerned parent called the security of the mall.

"It's just a rumour. No such thing happened."
"Really? You guys aren't hiding anything?
"I'm being truthful. We have security cameras in the bathrooms and I check everyday, and I've not seen that incident happen."

The security guard raped the student.
6. One day, I was playing on the computer in secret from my mom.

"Getting on the computer in secret is the best!"

But then...!!


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