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Including the fellow part-time worker (male), myself, there were 3 guys and 4 girls.
We were very close, so we often went for a drink outside.
Then one day during my shift in a bar, a newbie named Y came in.
I could tell from his appearance that he seemed like an 'otaku.' (I felt like he collected weird animations or figures... something like that.)
I wanted to test him and asked him to come to our drinking nights.
It turns out that he had fallen head over heels for one of the girls.

"Think about your image, man!"
I tried to stop him, but he started to present her with some figure of an animation character or something.
The girl was disgusted, saying "It's so creepy~ I hate it--" and started to treat him like a shadow.
And so, we picked on Y when he wasn't with us.

About a month afterwards, the girl said to us with a grave face.

"He's dangerous... He sent me 3 creepy dolls. There's even no name or address written in the packages..."
When she had opened the packages, there were figures inside.
The figures were white.
And the girl's underweaer was discovered, and the figures were completely wrapped in the underwear.

"I'm sure he broke into my house. I think he stole my clothes... Matsui! Matsui! (manager's name)"

We talked to the manager, but he told us that Y had quit his part-time job already.

We could relax only for a while, since another figure that come to the girl's house.
Like before, it contained the girl's underwear.
But this time, her bras were torn apart.
The next day, another figure came, with her panties torn apart.

When the manager told her, "You want to go to the police?", the girl replied that she didn't want to make this into a huge ordeal.
So the manager, the male part-times and myself decided to pay a visit to Y's house.
We decided to talk it out with Y and if he didn't agree, we were going to call the police.

When we went to his house and called for Y, there was no answer.
The manager turned the doorknob and it opened.

"Hm? It's open."

The moment he opened the door, we gasped.

There was a manekin right in front of the door.
On the face of the manekin, a picture of the girl was glued on, and there were white stains in the breast area.
Combined with the weird smell around the door, we figured out what it was.

It was horrible.

"You perverted piece of shit!"

A fellow part-timer ripped off the picture.
Then there was another picture underneath.

It was a picture of Y laughing at us.

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