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I heard this story while in college.

Mr. A wasn't able to work after being in a car accident, and took a week long leave from his work.
Mr. A was married, but since his wife worked, he was alone during the day.
For the first few days, he felt relaxed. On the 3rd day, it became hard to bear.

Still, if he wanted to leave the house, he felt terrible and so had to stay at home.

Then one day after lunch time, while he was watching the TV, he could hear children jumping around and talking.
He wondered 'Is school cancelled today?' but he didn't think too much of it.
Then the next day, he could hear the children again. It seemed that 2 kids were living upstairs.
Mr. A lived in an apartment, but it was rather quiet during the day except for the children.
However, he wasn't bothered by the noise and rather welcomed it.
The next day, feeling depressed from being in the house all day, Mr. A ordered pizza instead of cooking his lunch.
30 minutes later the pizza came. There was a lot more then he could eat, and he left one slice.

Normally, he would save that piece for his wife, but he remembered the kids upstairs and decided to give the slice to them.
He didn't know who lived upstairs, but he pressed the bell.
He could fell someone was in there, but there was no answer.
He pressed the bell again.
He could sense someone looking at him from the peeking hole.

"Who are you..." said a faint voice.

When Mr. A replied that he was from downstairs and that he wanted to give some pizza slice, the door opened a crack.

The house was extremely dark. Opening the door about 5cm, the woman poked half of her head out and said very coldly,

"Thank you, but we don't need it."

Then Mr. A suddenly felt that he didn't belong there, but he said one more reason, that he wanted the kids to have it.
From the door opening, he could feel the warm air flow out.
There was a nasty smell.

Suddenly from underneath the woman's face, the two kid's face came to view. The door was still wasn't opened very much.
The 2 children, with blank eyes, was quietly staring at Mr. A's direciton.
3 faces (Mom + 2 children) were lined up in order.

"Then, I hope you enjoy it..."

Mr. A slid the pizza box inside the door crack, and an empty hand jumped out and received the box.
The 3 faces were staring at Mr. A.

"Thank you..." a faint voice said.

Mr. A hurriedly ran away.
Something wasn't right.
He felt threatened.
The faces of the children were stuck in his head.
His face twitched.
He started to walk fast.
He wanted to get away from that house as far as possible.
The elevator didn't come up.
He pressed the button repeatedly, but the elevator didn't want to come up.
He ran to the emergency stairs.
The back of his head started to hurt.
He felt nauseous.
As he was opening the door to the stairs, Mr. A felt someone staring at his back.

Turning back, from the corner of the hallway about 10m away, the 3 faces were staring at him.
They were watching him just as they had before, with only half of their faces peeking out.
The cold sunlight from the window shined on the faces.

Mr. A quickly ran down the stairs.
He usually took the stairs for health reasons, so he was fit.
However, this time, it felt forever to get down to the 1st floor.

They had no body.
A hand was supporting the heads.

As soon as Mr. A got out, he called the police.

According to the police report, above Mr. A's floor, corpses of a mother and her children were found in the bathtub.
The bodies had no necks.
Their necks were cut off with a saw, and they were estimated to be killed 3 days ago.
That day, the disappeared husband was suspected to be the killer and was arrested.
The husband had the necks of his wife and children.

According to the police, the husband was hiding not in his own house, but in Mr. A's closet.

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