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A fellow worker in our company died.
He was a guy named K who liked to free climb. He and I were very close, so I was close even witht his family.
Whenever we got vacation breaks, K would go free climbing. Before his death about a half year ago, K suddenly wanted a favor.
"Hm, for when I die, I want to make a video."
Since his hobby was dangerous and didn't know when he would loose his life, he wanted to record a video message and wanted it to be shown to his family if he died.

I told him to stop if it was so dangerous, but K said he couldn't even think about stopping. I figurered K was stubborn enough, I decided to be the cameraman.
Since we would be discovered if we recorded in K's house, we decided to do it in my room.
With the white wall as the background, K started to talk,

"This is K. If you're watching this video, it's because I'm dead. 00 (wife's name), xx (daughter's name), thank you for all that you've done. I'm sorry for all the trouble that I've caused due to my hobby.
My parents who raised me, and all my friends, you guys are all probably sad because I'm dead, but don't be.
I'm in heaven and very happy. I'm sorry that I couldn't meet with you guys, but I'll be watching from heaven. xx (daughter's name), your dad is watching you from heaven. So please don't cry, but rather smile.
Then, goodbye."

After recording this, K really died half a year later.
He slipped and fell while climbing, and according to his climbing buddy, completely missed the safety net below.
We mourned together all night long. It was a very weird feeling.
K's wife and his daughter were lamenting.
Even I couldn't believe it. No way that K's....

After a week had passed, I decided to show that video to the now calm K's family.
When I took out the DVD, the family started to cry again.
"This will be like a memorial service, so please watch it."

With a whirring sound, a black screen continued for about 10 seconds.
Heh? Did I fail at recording?
The moment I thought that, K's form began to show from the middle of the dark background.
Was my room that drak when we recorded?

"This is K. If you're... this video, it's ... I'm dead. 00 (wife's name), xx (daughter's name), thank you for... done."

There was some serious static noise, along with the whirrling sound, mixed with K's voice, so it was very hard to hear.

"My parents who raised me, and all my friends, you guys are all probably sad because I'm dead, but don't be.
I'm [zubwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] xx (daughter's name), your dad is [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaaaa] I don't want to die! I don't [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] die!.... No [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]"

It was extremely chilling.
It was hard to hear the end with all the static, but it was very different from what K had recorded.
The dialogue had changed to someone crying at the verge of death, and we could clearly see that something from the dark corner grasp K's arm and slowly immerse itself into his arm.

The whole family was in an uproar, with K's wife demanding why I showed this video and K's father beating me.
K's wife's little brother calmed the family down by saying that K wasn't the type of person to record such a nasty prank video.
I bowed down to the family, apologizing and promising to rid of the video as soon as I could.

The next day, I went to a shrine and asked the chief priest to destroy the DVD.
The moment the priest saw the envelope containing the DVD, he said, "Ah, sorry, it's too much for this place."
He told me to go to a place where they cleansed spirits, but even they said, "You brought an absurd thing."
According to the priest(?) there, the moment K had recorded the video, he was being dragged down to hell, and he didn't know why K was able to live a half a year longer.
He said that K should have died right after recording the video.

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