WhiteDay (download + pictures)

White Day is on March 14th, where males give candy to females who have given them chocolate on Valentine's Day.

This game is made in 2001, but is still popular for its scariness.
It's advised to play this game late at night!

Game summary:
A boy wants to give the girl some candy in secret, so he sneaks into his school after 10 o'clock at night.
He goes to their classroom 2-8 to put the candy in her desk, but finds that it's locked.
So he becomes disappointed and tries to go back home, but he finds that the school gate is also locked.
As he wanders around, he finds that the school is haunted and the security guards are possessed and are trying to hunt him down.

Basic gameplay:
-Time is very important in this game. You need to keep an eye on the clocks in the classrooms.
-The game is in first person view.
-Stereo headphones are recommended since it helps you hear when and where the guards are coming.
-You need to actively run away from the guards, hiding behind stuff and turning off the lights yourself. If you make too much noise in the process, you'll be found.

Video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-lSgn7SOUk&feature=player_embedded


English patch:

English patch B (if above doesn't work):

English patch tutorial:

English ver. walkthrough videos:
Basic character info (Korean ver.):

Main character (you decide the name. Default is Lee Himin):
He's just a plain new student.

SeongAh (asthma student who died in a small fire):
She worries for Soyoung and Jihyeon who came to school at night.

Soyoung (Used to be a bright student, but changed after her sister's suicide):
After her sister's suicide, she became cold and calm, loosing many of her friends.

Jihyeon (quite friend of Soyoung):
A childhood friend os Soyoung, and knows many of her secrets.



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Corner Game

Source: various blogs in Naver

Corner Game is a game using a room's four corners.
There's a superstition that "If you look at one of the corners of the dark room before you sleep, ghosts will come haunt you."
From ages before, there's many myth sayings that corners are very unlucky.
Mental images of corners are often dark and gloomy, rather than bright and happy.

Ghosts that crawl around the ceiling use the four corners to come down to the floor,
And ghosts that stand in your room also use the corners.

The game requires each of the 4 players to sit in corners and rotate to arouse the ghosts's curiosity,
and people report that sometimes the ghost messes around with them and sometimes plays along with them.
In an empty room without any furniture.

To play:
1. The 4 players are to clear out the house (There can't be any other person or pets in the house).
2. Except for the room where you're going to play, turn off all the lights.
3. Once you enter the selected room, call out your name 3 times.
4. Then talk amongst yourselves to decide who will give out signals (if during the game, someone who's not the designated talker speaks, then all might be injured).
5. Close the door to the room.
6. Each of the 4 people pick 4 corners to stand in, and face the wall.

ex) Friend1 -- Friend 4
| |
| |
Friend 2 -- Friend 3

7. The person who's to give out the signal is to say "One, two, three" and then everyone rotates.
(if you accidentally run into the other player, quietly turn on the light and start again after a few seconds.)

ex) Friend 2 -- Friend 1
| |
| |
Friend 3 -- Friend 4

8. They say that during the game, someone will disappear. If someone does disappear, then the signaling person lets others know through a signal.
9. Then after muttering your name backwards 3 times, press your back to the wall and turn on the light. (Then the person who disappeared will come back.)

If someone is standing still, then you can assume that it's a ghost who wanted to play along.
If the ghost comes, do not talk to it.
(It's good to decide on a signal to alert others that the ghost is here.)

To end:
1. If one of the players is standing still in one spot, then assume that it's a ghost and after the signal, go behind the person.
2. When all 4 people gather around with their backs to the wall, place your hands on the switch and whisper each's name backwards 3 times, and turn on the switch.
3. After the game, open all the doors in order and refresh the room for 1~2 minutes.
Personal experiences:

1. I told my friends about the game and convinced them to do it.
So around 2 at night, we decided to do it.
Corner Game start~!
I think we switched around for 5~10 minutes?
We noticed someone standing in the corner...
We assumed that it was a ghost and hurriedly finished the game.

After that.... One friend was missing! Missing!!
We were looking for where she went, and she came out from the bathroom.
She said that she remembered doing the Corner Game, but not how she went to the bathroom.
When she said that, we all froze hahahahaha...

The game it self wasn't very scary... But it just gives you goosebumps.

2. My friends A,B,C, and I decided to scare our friend D.
We decided for B to hide under the bed when doing the Corner Game.
Then as D was passing by, B was going to grab her ankle.

We stood in the corner like this:

B ------- D
| |
| |
| |

We were to circle two times so that when B goes under the bed and after I pass the bed, B would pass next.

We got ready to play the game and whenever we would change our spots, we decided to knock on the floor with our toes.
That way, we knew that all 4 of us were here.
I would knock, then B would knock twice, etc.
So to summarize:

me - 1 knock
B - 2 knocks
D - 3 knocks
C - 4 knocks

It would be too scary if we slammed on our feet, so we decided on the knocks hahahaha.

After we made 1 turn around the room, we were starting our second turn.
Suddenly B starts smiling because it's her cue to go under the bed.

Knock Knock

There wasn't any sound, even though we waited for a minute.

Knock Knock Knock Knock

Suddenly there was a sound.
It was so scary.
But I decided to not panic and continued with game.

Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knock Knock

This pattern continued.


After a while

Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knoc

Ah, so we're all here~
So I was relieved and turned on the light, and

me -------no one
| |
| |
| |

Then B crawled out from underneath the bed, and was shaking badly.

"What's wrong??"

"I was under the bed this entire time..."

"So what?"

"But there still was a knocking sound. Even though I wasn't able to use my hands or feet."

(for those that are confused, though B was under the bed and couldn't use her hands/feet to make her number of knocks (2), there still was someone or something make the knocks instead.)

(it was actually a joke by B to scare her three friends lol)

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살아있는인형 (Living Doll)

Source: various blogs in Naver.

This play is similar to "Hide-and-Seek Alone," but much more dangerous. If "Hide-and-Seek Alone" is a play to meet ghosts, then "Living Doll" is a play asking the ghost to kill you. People say that the biggest difference between the two plays is that in the "Living Doll" game, the doll's face actually changes.
If the doll finds you, it smiles.

Fun Fact: Korean name for the play can be shortened to "살인" which means "murder."
Items needed:
2 mirrors
Human doll (can't be a cotton doll. Japanese human dolls work the best)
Piece of your hair
Salt (about 5 spoons) wrapped in paper

**Things to keep in mind:
1. You must do it alone. There can't be anyone else around.
2. If the doll finds you, don't make any noise.
3. Don't spray all the salt on yourself. You need it for later.
4. Don't run away, or the doll will chase after you.
5. You must end the game before sunrise, or the spirit will stay behind.
6. After the game, give the doll to a shrine.

To play:

Place the 2 mirrors so that they face each other.
Then in the middle, place the doll and the lit candle.
Wait till 12 o'clock at night.
While pointing at the doll, say
"atarashii karada wo oite okimasu, douzo otsukai kudasai."
(I'm giving you a new body, please forgive me.)

After that, shout "asobimasho!" (Let's play) 5 times.
If some random noise is heard, great. If not, it's still okay.

Take the salt with you and say,
"watashi wo sadashite kudasai. mitsuketara inochi wo agemasu."
(Please find me. If you do, I'll give you my life.)

After saying that, go to your room or a large room, turn off all the lights, and spray some salt on yourself with your back to the door.
If you feel like you're in danger, go hide in the closet.

To end:
While holding the salt, go to the room where the candle is.
When you're in front of the candle, say
"anata no makedesu, oshimai" (You loose) 5 times.

Then turn off the candle and spray salt on yourself.

Find the doll and spray salt on it.

Turn on all the light and make a happy atmosphere, like turning on your favorite song or something (very important!). Do that for at least an hour.

Within at most 3 days, give the doll to a shrine.
Personal experiences:


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나홀로숨박꼭질 (Hide-and-Seek Alone)

Source: various blogs in Naver

Playing hide-and-seek alone is pretty popular in Korea and Japan. There are numerous posts from people who have actually tried this. A lot of people say it works, and that they felt that their lives were threatened.
The meaning of this play is "If you can find me, you can have my body."
This "play" is necromancy - it is potentially very dangerous. It is not recommended that you do it, even if you're curious. Because if done correctly, this WILL work.
This play is not good for your sanity.

You need:
- A doll with legs. Not a human doll, since there's a great possibilty that the spirit will not leave the doll. Don't use a doll that you like because of the same reason. The doll will be a place for the spirit to come.
- Rice. The spirit that eats this offering is said to grow stronger.
- Red thread. This later symbolizes blood and acts as a restraint.
- Something from your body. It's usually fingernails, but some use their own blood, skin, hair, etc. It becomes a curse if you use someone else's body parts.
- Weapon. Something to stab the doll so that you can anger it. Real knives are dangerous, so most people use pencil or needle.
- Salt/Saltwater or alcohol. Without this, the game won't end. The material is used to get rid of the spirit.
- Safety place. You NEED a safe sanctuary, somewhere preferrably with lots of crosses, god statues, etc.
- A name. Giving the spirit a name is the most powerful thing a human can give to the spirit. Names give spirits great power.

1.Cut the doll and replace the foam/stuffing with rice.
2. Place something from your body into the doll.
3. Wrap the doll with a red thread as if to hinder(stop) the doll.
4. In a bathroom, pour water onto a large washbasin and find a place to hide.
5. Place a cup of salt water in the place before starting the game.

To play:
Start at 3 AM, since that is the time where spirits are the most free to move.
Give the doll a name (for example: Bob).
When the clock strikes 3, close your eyes and say, "First tagger is (doll name)! First tagger is (doll name)! First tagger is (doll name)!"
When talking to the doll, you MUST talk sternly.
Now go to the bathroom and place the doll in the washbasin.
Turn off all lights.
Close your eyes and count to 10, get your prepared weapon and go to the bathroom.
Go to the doll in the washbasin and say

"I found you (doll name)!"

And stab the doll.
After that, close your eyes again and say

"Now (doll name) is it! Now (doll name) is it! Now (doll name) is it!"

Place the weapon next to the doll and go to your hiding (safety) place. You MUST lock the door.
Also, lock all windows and doors.
Place the salt water in your mouth. DO NOT SPIT IT OUT. The salt water will protect you from the spirit.

To end the game:
When you want to end the game, take leftover salt water or alcohol and find the doll.
The doll may not be in the bathroom. (There are instances of the doll being outside).
When you find the doll, spit out the salt water and spray the leftover.
Close your eyes and shout
"I win! I win! I win!"

The doll will give up.
It is advised to burn the doll after the game.

-You MUST play this game alone. If more than one person does this at the same time, there's a great chance that someone will be possessed.
- Do NOT go outside the house.
- Keep the game under 2 hours. After this time, the spirit will be too strong to remove.
- When hiding, you MUST be silent.
- Turn off all electronics before starting.
- When running away, do NOT look back. Only look forward. And don't sleep while playing - the doll may stab you.
- When discovered by the doll, you can get a small wound or be possessed. When the doll finds you, your weapon will be around the floor or in your pocket, so you must be careful.
- After the game is over, it is important to clean up properly. Spray salt on every corner of the house, especially places where you put the doll and where you found it. Salt scares away any spirits.

Common Experiences:
People say that usually the TV flips channels on its own, perfectly normal lights flicker, the TV volume seems to change, doors seem to open and shut on their own, or you can hear the sound of laughter.
Real-life stories and comments:

1. I was easily scared, so I carefully studied the process and started the game. My friend had tried it, and she said that when he accidentally made a sound, the spirit scratched at her door. Hearing this, I was super curious.
Luckily my brother and parents went to spend the night at my grandparent's house, so I started to prepar immediately.
Since the salt was needed to end and since I was a scaredycat, I mixed in alcohol and saltwater to make a veeeeeeerry strong spirit-remover.
I only left on the TV and turned off any other electronics. It was my turn to be it.
I seriously did NOT want to be hurt, so I used a mechanical pencil to stab the doll.
Then I ran inside the closet of the master bedroom, and placed the ending salt-mixture in my mouth.

At first, it was boring.
Did I read too much scary stories?
Maybe I should have just texted friends instead of doing this.
That's what I thought.

As if hallucinating,
the TV channel started to turn and I could hear

"Where. Are. You?"
just as the channels were turning.

I could only think that.

Then the sound of a woman's laugh.
The laughter sounded like my laugh,
and the sound through the TV didn't stop.

My only thought was,
Really, that was all.

So I ran out the closet and went to the bathroom to find the doll.
But on the way, I stepped on something.

It was
the Pooh doll
That I had prepared.
I really wanted to faint, but I always afraid I would get hurt if I fainted, and ended the game.

The doll should have been in the bathroom which is across the hallway,
it was next to the bed.

The next day, I got rid of the doll and the rice separately.

2. I have a high ESP, but I was curious to try this game.
So I did it when I went over to my grandparent's house.
(My gradparents live in a Buddist-temple styled house on an island. And I always have prayer beads and talisman with me)
Since there was no bathtub, I just placed the washbin and doll in the front yard....
And when I was about to hide!!!
The dog in the yard started barking like crazy!!!!
Then as if scared, it ran away somewhere.
So after a while....
Although the adults and the children were playing at the beach...
Although I was alone...
Quite footsteps echoed throughout the house....
And stopped in front of the attic door that I was hiding behind.


With that sound, the door shook as if it was going to break.
I had prayer beads, but I was a Catholic
So I started to say the Lord's Prayer and the Apostle's Creed.
Then I sprayed the salt and red beans (which also ward off spirits) that I had like a mad woman.
Then that "someone" outside got even angrier and said,


AH..... I really thought I was going to die.
I was saved by a my tired little sibling,
but that was really a traumatic experience.
Please don't do this necromancy.
Especially if you have a high ESP like me!

3.This was 3 years ago, when I was in 5th grade.
I don't remember the exact reason why, but I was alone and was in the house alone at night.
I was surfing through the net and found this game, and luckily the time was after 1 AM.
I guess I wasn't scared or something... So I decided to play the game.
I took a countrygirl? doll and did the steps. (but I didn't put anything from my body).
I was late in preparing so when I got the knife and the saltwater ready, it was already 2 minutes before 3 AM.
I turned off the computer, the lights of the living room and kitchen, and went into the bathroom.
I didn't look at the clock carefully, but I remember thinking, "I guess it's about 3 now."
And did the chants (chants? is that what they're called?).
Then I went into the guest room next to the bathroom, counted to 10, and went out and stabbed the dall.
Then I came in the guest room, closed the door, turned the TV on, and took the salt water and cellphone into the closet.
I could hear the TV and was waiting... I don't remember how much time had passed,
But soon static noise mixed in with the audio of the TV show.
Pretty quickly all I could hear was static noise.
It was a bit creepy, but the TV in the guest room did that a few times before
so I tried not to mind it too much. But then...
I could hear the sound from the TV "knock""knock""knock""knock"
It was mixed with the static noise, but it sounded
As if A HAND HAD COME OUT OF THE TV (it was next to the closet) and was knocking on the closet door.
That knock sounded about 10 times before stopping.
I was so nervous, I couldn't breathe even after the sound had stopped.
But soon, the noise level STARTED TO DECRASE AND INCREASE.
It would get loud as if to burst my eardrums and then quiet as if the TV was off.
Then suddenly the TV turned off. I thought 'What....?' and stopped my breath and waited
And the TV turned on again... With sound.

(TV on and off)
(TV on and off)
(TV on and off)
(TV off, and after a while turns on)
(TV on and off)

Then static noise came. I can remember that sound clearly.
As the channel was flipping, one word sound out (for instance, at channel A 'Where' then at channel B 'Are'... like that).
The middle 'Come out!' sounded as if it came from a TV drama. It didn't count out one word at a time
But was rather like a scene where a woman was screaming.
Then the TV turned off. And IT DIDN'T TURN ON FOR QUITE SOME TIME.
I was so scared, I didn't want to go outside.
I wanted to call someone so I took out my cellphone. But my phone accessory made a clinking sound as they hit each other (I had a mini-mirror, USB, accessory, etc._


Then the TV turned off, and I clutched my cellphone and stayed still.
Ifelt that I shouldn't make any sound.
Then the TV turned on again,


With that loud sound, the TV didn't turn off and static noise came again.
Then this time, with the static noise,



I was veery scared, but it sounded like it hadn't found me yet since it said that it'll find me.
So with the saltwater in my mouth, I ran out the closet.
(I didn't know it at the time, but the TV WAS OFF when I came out... I had TURNED ON THE TV when I first came in)
I opened the door and turned on the bathroom light,


The soaked doll looked as if it was trying to crawl out of the basin. The knife was thrown across the floor...
I was so shocked, that I opened my mouth. Luckily, the saltwater fell on the doll and I took the knife and ripped the doll to pieces,
And turned on every light in the house. Kitchen, living room, TV in the living room, balcony, etc.
I didn't look at the clock and went to the kitchen to get a wrap, white plastic bag, and a black trash bag
And wrapped the doll, stabbed it with the knife a few more times, and with the knife I wrapped about 5 plastic bags around it
And tied it tightly in the trash bag. I was still hestitant so I wrapped it with a tape.
Then I could finally relax and breathe.

I looked at the time as I walked out into the living room and the CLOCK WAS POINTING AT 3:05.

All this happened in only 5 minutes....??!!

It should have been 5 minutes past when I started hearing the knocking noises...
No, taking care of the doll after the game should have taken longer than 5 minutes....

But all of this combined... IN ONLY 5 MINUTES?

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