Chased by a Ghost (videos)

Source: various blogs in Naver

This is a popular(!) video going around Naver.
It's originally made in Japan, I think. The video is supposed to be about 40 minutes long, and is all 3D animated.
As the title says, the video is about a boy being chased/haunted by a ghost.
People recommend to watch the videos with high volume (creepy music/sounds!), unless you get scared extremely easily.
It's apparently veeeerryyy frightening and not recommended for those with weak hearts.

(I myself haven't seen it because I'm too much of a scaredycat...orz)
(Apparently the video has a scene where the ghost is climbing? though the elevator or something.... And I already have fears of elevators kthanx.)

[Rest of the videos coming soon! As soon as I figure out how to fix the encoding...]

tag : chase,ghost,video

Ceiling Ghost


This is a story that I heard from a senior soldier while I was in the military.
When that soldier was just a plain citizen, he used to know a really nice girl.
But suddenly one day, she started to have nightmares.

When she was sleeping, she could see a female that could only be considered a ghost who was crawling slowly down from the ceiling right down next to her.
It was too realistic to just be a dream.
As if she was stuck in sleep paralysis, the ghost would slowly come down until she could see every little detail of the ghost's skin.

Of course, she wasn't able to move or scream.

After she kept dreaming of the same thing, she finally spoke to her family about it.
Her mother decided to call a shaman to solve the problem.

The shaman came and after performing an exorcism, spoke up.

"She doesn't know where to go, so that's why she's appearing to you. So when she shows up again, point to the sky. That way, she'll be able to pass away."

So before she fell asleep, the friend kept on memorizing, 'Point to the sky, point to the sky...'

The ghost, as usual, came again that night.
She was very scared, but she remembered the shaman's words and lifted her hand.
But to point toward the sky was to point at the ghost.

She was so scared, that instead of pointing up, she pointed to the next room.
The ghost's gaze was now pointed not at her, but to the direction that she pointed in, and disappeared through the wall.
The friend finally relaxed and slept deepy...

It turns out that her father, who was in the room next to her, passed away while sleeping.

I wasn't able to hear what happened afterwards, but it really was a chilling story that I heard while on midnight patrol.

tag : ceiling,ghost

[2ch] Huddled Person


I experienced this last summer. It was at night, and I was driving down the highway with my cousin in the passenger's seat.
We were going over some bridge when I saw someone huddled in the dark road.
He was right next to the railing and was huddled over with his back to the road.
"Is that person crazy? What's he doing at night?"
Thinking that, I lessened my speed a little.
I was tired, and didn't think too much. The car soon approached the person.

"That's right, there's someone who died around here due to a car crash. It was some middle-aged lady... Then is that person her husband?
Even so, even in this night, there's no reason to wear such thick clothes in August...
Now that I think about it, the accident was in the middle of winter..."

Soon the car was almost crossing over the bridge...10m...5m...

When about 5m was left, the person that was huddled over started to move.
Then towards the direction of our car, he started to crawl just like a caterpillar.
I was about to hit him even if I slam on the brake!

"This craz-!!"
I screamed and turned the handle to the right.
I was going a little slow and was alert, so I was able to avoid an accident.
Both relief and anger exploded in me.
"Is he a drunk?"
I drove on and tried to see him again through the back mirror, but there was no one on the bridge.

Then after few seconds, when I was able to recall the situation calmly, I felt a chill through my body as if someone had dumped cold water on me.
"Hey ____ (cousin's name)! Did you see that!"

I called to my cousin next to me, but he was shaking badly and was huddled over.

I tried my hardest to erase what I had seen, but my fear only grew.
"Scary! Scary! Scary!"
I couldn't help it.

The person who was lit by the car's headlights had no eyes, nose, or lips.
Just a pale skin stretched flatly.

tag : 2ch,huddle,person

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