Lee Da-in's True Story

Source: multiple Naver sites

(이다인(Lee Da-in) is a real-life actress.)



One day, Da-in received a text message.
It was an encouragement from a 486 number.

This year's best actress is Lee Da-in! -486

At that time Da-in wasn't very well known, so she said that she felt really encouraged by the thought of a fan cheering her on.

She asked those around her what 486 meant, and they said that it was "I love you" in number form. Hearing this, she was really thankful towards the fan.

But then, the texts started to take a weird turn.

One day a text came when Da-in had wore a red dress to work.

You look good in the red dress. -486

Da-in was scared, so she returned home with her manager.

You're finally here... But who's the guy next to you? -486

Da-in was frightened so she quickly ran inside her house.

The actress changed her phone number due to the stalker.
When she had relaxed, her phone rang.

Congratz on changing your phone. -486

She felt extreme shock, and left her work early to return back home.
Back at home she felt relieved, seeing her house as a sanctuary.

To wash away the stress, Da-in took a shower.
The moment she stepped out, her phone rang.

It was from the 496 number.

This time, a video was included.

The actress was scared, but curiosity got the best of her and she opened the video.
The moment she saw the video, she threw her phone away.

It was of a guy wearing a clown mask and spinning round and round.


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nine words

Source: from '신비하고 무서운 이야기' app

I recently started to live by myself.

It was pretty difficult to get this room of the apartment, but in the end I finally settled in.

Then one day, at 1 o'clock at night.

I was watching the TV in the living room.
My cell phone and the house phone started ringing at the same time.
I answered the house phone first.

I could hear the relieved voice of my friend.

"What's up?"
"What a relief, you're not asleep you... Did you get a weird text message?"

"Text message?"

"Hm, how should I describe it.... It's written in English..... Didn't your cellphone ring?"

I checked my cellphone.

There was a message.
It was written like so:


I'll give you ten minutes. Find my message....
HINT: nine words

It was from an unknown number.

"... I did get a message."
"I got mine at 12:57. I wonder what this is? It's really weird, but I want to find the answer. I guess I have about 5 minutes left..."

"Then let's solve it together."

We talked over the phone to solve this problem together.

I got a thought that maybe we shouldn't worry about it, but another part of me said that I had to solve the problem.

The time is 1:02.
We were still stuck.
We couldn't figure it out.

It just seemed like someone had mashed the buttons on the phone.
All the hint we got that it was 'nine words.'

"Do you think you know?
"Not really... But the hint says that it's 9 letters. Maybe there's something that's 9 letters in the text?"
"It seems like it...."


"Ah... It's game over for me..."

I guess my friend had passed his 10 minutes.
That moment, I could hear someone pressing the doorbell over the phone.

"Did someone come...?"
"In the middle of the night? No way... Is it because of this text?"
"I'm sure it'll be fine. Just look through the viewhole. It'll be fine as long as you don't open the door."
"Okay... I'll come right back after checking."

My friend put down his phone and went to the front door.


The friend didn't come back.
What happened?

I wonder....

But I only had 2 minutes left myself.
I decided to pour all my energy into solving the problem.
I knew that there wasn't any special meaning into the time limit, but for some odd reason, I was extremely anxious.

I focused on the 9 letters that my friend had talked about.
In the text, I had to find a 9-letter word.


I had one minute left.
I was sweating and my heart was thumping hard.
But even so, I kept myself together.

I focused entirely on the cellphone screen.

And I found it..

The answer was in the numbers.

In the text, there was exactly 9 numbers.
But we couldn't figure out anything other than that.
At that moment, as if someone had guided me, I saw the answer.
It was the letters behind the numbers.

So the first letter after the number 1 is e, the next letter after is 4, etc.

And so I found the answer.

e s c a p e n o w

escapenow... Escape Now.

I was devastated.
My friend still didn't come back.

Is it because he wasn't able to escape before the 10 minute time limit?
I no longer thought that this was a prank.
When I looked at the clock, it was exactly 1:10.

I had no time!
I had to escape....

I ran towards the front door.

But the moment I touched the handle, I stopped.
What if the murderer was right behind the door?...

But I'm still going to die.

I gathered my wits and opened the door.
Thankfully, no one was there.

It's not too late!

I didn't lock the door and just ran outside.
I ran down the stairs and started going towards the nearest convenience store.
I felt that I would be safe there.

In the small neighborhood, my footsteps echoed.
I can escape.
I'm safe.

When I was but a corner away from the convenience store, a text came.
Could it be from my friend?
Did he send a text message because I didn't answer my phone?

I opened my cell phone.
The number was same number from 10 minutes ago.
It was written like this.


Then from the back, someone grabbed my shoulder.

[This morning, two corpses were found. One had his right arm torn form his shoulder, and another was discovered without his head in his apartment's front door.
The two were gripping their cellphones tightly, and had the same message from the same number...]

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Scary if You Understand #2

Source: http://tinyurl.com/78rwdmj

1. Min was close friends with a classmate who could see spirits and ghosts.
Since they were so close, he would hear many stories.

Min: Can you see among those people?
Friend: Yep.
Friend: There's one person who has something on their shoulder.
Min: Is it an evil spirit?
Friend: Yep. I bet that person's shoulders are really heavy.
Min: Ah...

Min suddenly remembered the first day he met his friend.
"Aren't your shoulders heavy?"
The friend had asked Min...

The friend could see an evil spirit on Min's shoulders... And so there's still an evil spirit on Min's shoulders.
2. There was a student who never studied and only played around.
He promised himself that he would only fool around until first year of high school, and that he would get his act together at the start of the 2nd year.
He started to befriend and hang around smart kids, and got great grades.
He and his closest smart friend went to the same college, and went camping with some college friends.
Then the student said that he had a scary story to tell.

"Hey... This is a true story from our school. When I was in my last year of high school, there was a guy. He studied well and got great grades even from his freshman year.
But no matter how hard he studied, he would only place 2nd in the entire student body.
Even during his 2nd year, he was only 2nd place.
When is 3rd year (last year of high school in Korea) came, he tried to distract the student in the 1st place ranking.
When the 1st place student wouldn't study, he studied like hell.
But in the end, he was still 2nd place.
He became so angry, that he committed suicide.
How about it? Isn't it scary?"

The group said it was really lame and not scary, when the smart friend spoke up and the group fell silent.

"Haha should I have been easier on him?"

The 1st place student was the smart friend, and indirectly killed the 2nd place student by not letting his ranking fall.
3. We lived on the 10th floor, and I was watching the TV with my older sister when someone knocked on the door.
We asked who it was, and some lady replied, "May I use your restroom?"
My sister hesitated a little, and told me not to open the door.
The lady kept on knocking on the door.

Then after a while, a deep male voice said, "You guys are lucky this time." and left.

Some guy (murderer probably) was pretending to be a female and was going to come in.
Some guy that was stealing my underwear was caught.
According to the police, it was a high school student that lived nearby.

I didn't like the fact that my underwear was stolen,
but also the fact that I had only just recently moved in to the apartment.
I made a bad mistake choosing that apartment because it was cheap.

"I fell in love with the woman with long hair who stood on the veranda. I couldn't help but to steal."

The police said that the student confessed this,
but there was only my husband and me (short hair) living in the house.

I thought the student was mistaken, and while I was talking with the neighbour outside,
the neighbour's child pointed to our veranda and said,

"Is that girl crying?!"

We were surprised and looked up, but there was no on there.

A female ghost is haunting their house.
5. In one mall, a female student was raped in the bathroom.
The rumour started that since the mall didn't want to ruin its reputation, that it was silencing everyone.
When the rumour became too widespread, one concerned parent called the security of the mall.

"It's just a rumour. No such thing happened."
"Really? You guys aren't hiding anything?
"I'm being truthful. We have security cameras in the bathrooms and I check everyday, and I've not seen that incident happen."

The security guard raped the student.
6. One day, I was playing on the computer in secret from my mom.

"Getting on the computer in secret is the best!"

But then...!!


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[2ch] Figure

Source: http://blog.naver.com/outlook_exp/40143691276

Including the fellow part-time worker (male), myself, there were 3 guys and 4 girls.
We were very close, so we often went for a drink outside.
Then one day during my shift in a bar, a newbie named Y came in.
I could tell from his appearance that he seemed like an 'otaku.' (I felt like he collected weird animations or figures... something like that.)
I wanted to test him and asked him to come to our drinking nights.
It turns out that he had fallen head over heels for one of the girls.

"Think about your image, man!"
I tried to stop him, but he started to present her with some figure of an animation character or something.
The girl was disgusted, saying "It's so creepy~ I hate it--" and started to treat him like a shadow.
And so, we picked on Y when he wasn't with us.

About a month afterwards, the girl said to us with a grave face.

"He's dangerous... He sent me 3 creepy dolls. There's even no name or address written in the packages..."
When she had opened the packages, there were figures inside.
The figures were white.
And the girl's underweaer was discovered, and the figures were completely wrapped in the underwear.

"I'm sure he broke into my house. I think he stole my clothes... Matsui! Matsui! (manager's name)"

We talked to the manager, but he told us that Y had quit his part-time job already.

We could relax only for a while, since another figure that come to the girl's house.
Like before, it contained the girl's underwear.
But this time, her bras were torn apart.
The next day, another figure came, with her panties torn apart.

When the manager told her, "You want to go to the police?", the girl replied that she didn't want to make this into a huge ordeal.
So the manager, the male part-times and myself decided to pay a visit to Y's house.
We decided to talk it out with Y and if he didn't agree, we were going to call the police.

When we went to his house and called for Y, there was no answer.
The manager turned the doorknob and it opened.

"Hm? It's open."

The moment he opened the door, we gasped.

There was a manekin right in front of the door.
On the face of the manekin, a picture of the girl was glued on, and there were white stains in the breast area.
Combined with the weird smell around the door, we figured out what it was.

It was horrible.

"You perverted piece of shit!"

A fellow part-timer ripped off the picture.
Then there was another picture underneath.

It was a picture of Y laughing at us.

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[2ch] Kids Upstairs

Source: http://blog.naver.com/outlook_exp/40143692403

I heard this story while in college.

Mr. A wasn't able to work after being in a car accident, and took a week long leave from his work.
Mr. A was married, but since his wife worked, he was alone during the day.
For the first few days, he felt relaxed. On the 3rd day, it became hard to bear.

Still, if he wanted to leave the house, he felt terrible and so had to stay at home.

Then one day after lunch time, while he was watching the TV, he could hear children jumping around and talking.
He wondered 'Is school cancelled today?' but he didn't think too much of it.
Then the next day, he could hear the children again. It seemed that 2 kids were living upstairs.
Mr. A lived in an apartment, but it was rather quiet during the day except for the children.
However, he wasn't bothered by the noise and rather welcomed it.
The next day, feeling depressed from being in the house all day, Mr. A ordered pizza instead of cooking his lunch.
30 minutes later the pizza came. There was a lot more then he could eat, and he left one slice.

Normally, he would save that piece for his wife, but he remembered the kids upstairs and decided to give the slice to them.
He didn't know who lived upstairs, but he pressed the bell.
He could fell someone was in there, but there was no answer.
He pressed the bell again.
He could sense someone looking at him from the peeking hole.

"Who are you..." said a faint voice.

When Mr. A replied that he was from downstairs and that he wanted to give some pizza slice, the door opened a crack.

The house was extremely dark. Opening the door about 5cm, the woman poked half of her head out and said very coldly,

"Thank you, but we don't need it."

Then Mr. A suddenly felt that he didn't belong there, but he said one more reason, that he wanted the kids to have it.
From the door opening, he could feel the warm air flow out.
There was a nasty smell.

Suddenly from underneath the woman's face, the two kid's face came to view. The door was still wasn't opened very much.
The 2 children, with blank eyes, was quietly staring at Mr. A's direciton.
3 faces (Mom + 2 children) were lined up in order.

"Then, I hope you enjoy it..."

Mr. A slid the pizza box inside the door crack, and an empty hand jumped out and received the box.
The 3 faces were staring at Mr. A.

"Thank you..." a faint voice said.

Mr. A hurriedly ran away.
Something wasn't right.
He felt threatened.
The faces of the children were stuck in his head.
His face twitched.
He started to walk fast.
He wanted to get away from that house as far as possible.
The elevator didn't come up.
He pressed the button repeatedly, but the elevator didn't want to come up.
He ran to the emergency stairs.
The back of his head started to hurt.
He felt nauseous.
As he was opening the door to the stairs, Mr. A felt someone staring at his back.

Turning back, from the corner of the hallway about 10m away, the 3 faces were staring at him.
They were watching him just as they had before, with only half of their faces peeking out.
The cold sunlight from the window shined on the faces.

Mr. A quickly ran down the stairs.
He usually took the stairs for health reasons, so he was fit.
However, this time, it felt forever to get down to the 1st floor.

They had no body.
A hand was supporting the heads.

As soon as Mr. A got out, he called the police.

According to the police report, above Mr. A's floor, corpses of a mother and her children were found in the bathtub.
The bodies had no necks.
Their necks were cut off with a saw, and they were estimated to be killed 3 days ago.
That day, the disappeared husband was suspected to be the killer and was arrested.
The husband had the necks of his wife and children.

According to the police, the husband was hiding not in his own house, but in Mr. A's closet.

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