Video Will


A fellow worker in our company died.
He was a guy named K who liked to free climb. He and I were very close, so I was close even witht his family.
Whenever we got vacation breaks, K would go free climbing. Before his death about a half year ago, K suddenly wanted a favor.
"Hm, for when I die, I want to make a video."
Since his hobby was dangerous and didn't know when he would loose his life, he wanted to record a video message and wanted it to be shown to his family if he died.

I told him to stop if it was so dangerous, but K said he couldn't even think about stopping. I figurered K was stubborn enough, I decided to be the cameraman.
Since we would be discovered if we recorded in K's house, we decided to do it in my room.
With the white wall as the background, K started to talk,

"This is K. If you're watching this video, it's because I'm dead. 00 (wife's name), xx (daughter's name), thank you for all that you've done. I'm sorry for all the trouble that I've caused due to my hobby.
My parents who raised me, and all my friends, you guys are all probably sad because I'm dead, but don't be.
I'm in heaven and very happy. I'm sorry that I couldn't meet with you guys, but I'll be watching from heaven. xx (daughter's name), your dad is watching you from heaven. So please don't cry, but rather smile.
Then, goodbye."

After recording this, K really died half a year later.
He slipped and fell while climbing, and according to his climbing buddy, completely missed the safety net below.
We mourned together all night long. It was a very weird feeling.
K's wife and his daughter were lamenting.
Even I couldn't believe it. No way that K's....

After a week had passed, I decided to show that video to the now calm K's family.
When I took out the DVD, the family started to cry again.
"This will be like a memorial service, so please watch it."

With a whirring sound, a black screen continued for about 10 seconds.
Heh? Did I fail at recording?
The moment I thought that, K's form began to show from the middle of the dark background.
Was my room that drak when we recorded?

"This is K. If you're... this video, it's ... I'm dead. 00 (wife's name), xx (daughter's name), thank you for... done."

There was some serious static noise, along with the whirrling sound, mixed with K's voice, so it was very hard to hear.

"My parents who raised me, and all my friends, you guys are all probably sad because I'm dead, but don't be.
I'm [zubwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] xx (daughter's name), your dad is [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaaaa] I don't want to die! I don't [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] die!.... No [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa][aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]"

It was extremely chilling.
It was hard to hear the end with all the static, but it was very different from what K had recorded.
The dialogue had changed to someone crying at the verge of death, and we could clearly see that something from the dark corner grasp K's arm and slowly immerse itself into his arm.

The whole family was in an uproar, with K's wife demanding why I showed this video and K's father beating me.
K's wife's little brother calmed the family down by saying that K wasn't the type of person to record such a nasty prank video.
I bowed down to the family, apologizing and promising to rid of the video as soon as I could.

The next day, I went to a shrine and asked the chief priest to destroy the DVD.
The moment the priest saw the envelope containing the DVD, he said, "Ah, sorry, it's too much for this place."
He told me to go to a place where they cleansed spirits, but even they said, "You brought an absurd thing."
According to the priest(?) there, the moment K had recorded the video, he was being dragged down to hell, and he didn't know why K was able to live a half a year longer.
He said that K should have died right after recording the video.

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Scary if You Understand #1

Source: "신비하고 무서운 이야기" app for smartphones/MP3s.

Answers/interpretations of the stories will be posted at the end of each story. Highlight the black text at the end of stories to understand!
(Some of these are quite lame, so I apologize.)
1. One day, I went inside my house and all the lights were turned off.
I felt someone else's presence in the house and started turning on all the lights one by one.
"Ha~ No one's here."

I guess I was nervous and sweat rolled down my face.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and turned on the light.

That someone who was in the house was hiding in the bathroom.
2. A very popular singer received countless fan letters.
Among those was a very foreboding package.
Inside, there was a video tape.

She didn't have the courage to watch it alone, so she called for her friends to watch together.

The video was of someone who looked really creepily dancing around like a crazy person.
They would cry, laugh, sing, roll around, etc.

The singer's friends laughed at the video and mocked it,
but from the singer's eyes, tears of fear fell.

The crazy person was in the singer's room and taped themself.
3. One kid had a nightmare and sweated.

"Dad! I dreamed that mom was laughing from everywhere!"
"Dad, aren't you happy? Mom was laughing!"

When the kid became an adult, he smiled like a maniac.

The dad had cut up his wife and scattered the body parts, and the adult kid finally understood the meaning of the nightmare.
4. In 1997, in a small Japanese town, a girl named Madoka went missing.

That afternoon, her mother and she went to a park together to take a light walk, and when her mother had looked away for a few seconds, Madoka had disappeared.
When the mother had asked the kids Madoka was playing with,

"Hm? Madoka was playing with me in the sandbox just a few moments ago."
"I asked her to play on the slide with me, but she wanted to play in the sandbox, so I just came to the slides alone..."

Madoka's parents kept on searching the park.
When darkness came, the parents alerted the police. Since it was a small village, the response time was a little slow, but they started the searching process.
But they had no leads, and weeks passed. Then finally, a year passed.

Madoka was missing for one year, and the police told the parents that Madoka was most likely dead.
Her parents refused to accept it and went to a physic who was famous for locating missing children.
The physic went to the park where Madoka went missing, went to their house, touched Madoka's clothing and shoes, and after thinking for a while, he finally said,

"Madoka is alive."

At those words, her parents became excited and asked,

"Where is Madoka now?"

The physic suddenly looked sad and replied,

"Madoka is living great. Madoka can see expensive furniture."
"She's not hungry either... Her stomach is full of expensive food."

Her mother let out a sigh of relief.

"Then where is Madoka? Please tell us!"

After some hesitation, the physic said,

"She's everywhere around the world."

The parents didn't understand a few seconds and stood frozen, then collapsed on the floor and wept.

Madoka was kidnapped and her organs were harvested.
5. One rainy day...
A man was holding an umbrella in one hand, and was carrying a 7 year old girl in the other hand, and wept into a deep forest.
The girl complained,

"The rain's falling on me - I'm cold!"

And started to cry.

Then the man replied,

"I guess your back will be wet when we come back."

He was going to rape the child, and her back would be wet from where he laid her on the forest floor.
6. I was accepted into a college inside a city.

My friend of 2 years and I decided to make and bury time capsules underneath a big pine tree that was behind our high school.

We promised one another to dig them up when we married each other. Contents inside each of our time capsules were to be a secret until then, and if we didn't marry each other, the capsules wouldn't be dug up.

After 1 year, the girlfriend died in a car crash.
And 10 years after, I proposed to my college girlfriend.

I told everything about my past to my fiance, without hiding anything.

She said she'll be happy for both herself and the dead girlfriend, and wanted to dig up the time capsules.
I refused, but the fiance insisted. I guess she felt some jealously towards the previous girlfriend.

After our wedding, we went back to my home town and dug up the time capsules.

In my time capsule, I had put in a scarf that the previous girlfriend had made me.
My fiance looked uncomfortable, but dug up the girlfriend's time capsule.

There was a small, dark thing the size of a fist.
After examining it further, it had small hands and legs and looked like it had a head of a human.

The previous girlfriend had carried the guy's baby. Probably miscarried or aborted it and put it into the time capsule.
7. I broke both of my arms and was admitted to a hospital.
I was stuck in the bed 24/7 and was extremely bored, but I soon became friends with the guy in the next bed.

We always talked about our family, hobbies, and our scars.
He recently seemed to have undergone a major surgery, and one of his arms were missing.
It was a sad sight, but since he had such a bright personality, the room was always filled with laughter.

Soon came the day when I was released.
After finishing my checkup, I ran back to our room to say goodbye.
Seeing that the room was darkened, I quietly went next to his bed.
He had covered himself with his blanket, and didn't make any noise.

I felt that I would bother him by waking him up.
It was the first time seeing him sleep so deeply.
He had a very bright personality, but he used to have trouble sleeping due to his pain.

I was saddened by this sort of departure, but I wished him good luck and left.

I left the hospital and looked back at our room.
Then in our window, I could see the guy smiling brightly and waving both arms.

....Oh, He was awake!

I couldn't hold back my tears.
I guess that's why his face seemed so blurred.

I waved my hand to him and got on the taxi.

The guy had died, and was waving (with both arms) as a spirit.
8. One teaching intern went to an elementary school to observe the teacher of a class.
It was his first time doing such thing so he felt very nervous, but the kids were very friendly and got along with him.
He felt that he could do this for a week.

A few days before his observing period was over, a girl of the class died in a fire.
Her brother and she were sleep in the 2nd floor and died, while her parents and the baby sleeping on the 1st floor were able to escape.

Her classmates were shocked, and attended her funeral while crying.

After the funeral, the intern was looking at the pictures that the kids had drawn for an art assignment.

The topic was family.
Everyone drew their family, including the girl that died.

The family on the paper...

The father was carrying the baby, and with the mom, was watering the plants on the 1st floor.
The girl and her brother were waving to the three from the 2nd floor.
It seemed like a very happy family.

Then, the intern became surprised.

The family members that survived the fire were on the 1st floor.
The 2 that couldn't escape and died were on the 2nd floor.
The picture was drawn like that.

And the girl and her brother were waving as if they were....

The picture had the girl and her brother waving for help, while the father,mother, and the baby were happily downstairs. The mom and dad were "watering" the house with gasoline, not water.
9. About half a year before, one kid's elementary teacher called the parents.

The teacher sounded very angry.
Thinking the child pulled a prank, the parents became worried.
Finally, the teacher said,

"Miss, (child's name) is not a girl. His genitals are just hidden. He'll be fine if he has surgery right away."

So when the child came home, the parents checked and surely enough, the teacher was right.
They took quickly took him to the hospital and got him surgery.

His genitals were revealed.

The reason they have a son now is thanks to the great elementary teacher.

The teacher was going to molest/rape the kid, but discovered that the child wasn't a girl.
10. I was attacked on my way home, and was admitted to a hospital.
Thankfully, I wasn't wounded too badly and was released soon.
After being released I came home only to find my best friend there.

"Sorry I couldn't visit you when you were in the hospital."
"Nah, it's okay. Don't worry about it."
"Did you see who did it to you?
"No, it was too sudden."
"Really? I see."
"You should be careful too."
"Alright. I'll go back now. I'll visit you next time for sure."
"Okay, thanks for coming."

The person who attacked the guy was his best friend. The friend intends to attack him again.
11. A sister and her younger sibling were very close.
The sister was getting ready and was putting on makeup and getting dressed in front of a full-length mirror.
She turned to her younger sibling and told her to get buy ice cream.

"Why?... The store is really far..."
"You wanna get hit? Go now!"

When she came back from the store, the sister was cut up into pieces.

The sister had seen the murderer hiding (probably under the bed) through the full-length mirror. To save her sibling, she told him/her to go outside.

Another Person


Yeonghi was in an exchange student program and stayed overseas for 2 years.
She finished her courses and was able to come back to Korea.
Her friends wanted to congratulate Yeonghi and suggested to have a party in Yeonghi's house.
She of course agreed and they all went to her house from the airport.
She lived away from her parents in a one-room house, and Yeonghi regretted that her house was just a single room.
But still, her kind friends kept on congratulating her and starte the party.

It was getting late and some her friends had to leave, so Yeonghi suggested that they take a picture.
It was to celebrate the fact that Yeonghi was back in Korea and to keep their friendship forever, so her friends put down their stuff and said "One, two, three, cheeeese~" and took a picture.
Since it was inside the house, the background was dark but you could see her house layout and all the friends were laughing.
Yeonghi was very pleased with the picture.

The next day, Yeonghi went to a photo studio.

Yeonghi: Can I get 5 copies of this?
Man: You look happy. Did something good happen?
Yeonghi: Ah, I just came back from a foreign exchange student program and just came back. Look! I took this picture with my friends~
Man: You're all laughing, you've got great friends. ^^

So she talked with the employee until the picture was developed and left.
She called her friends to distribute the picture, and went to a nearby cafe to wait.
She took out the photos to make sure they were developed correctly, and noticed something weird.

Yeonghi: Huh... What's this? Something's shining.

She and her 4 friends were all smiling and looking at the camera, and there was someone else in the dark background.
Yeonghi squinted and studied the picture closely, and saw that that something had the expression of being surprised and was hurriedly climbing up the closet with a fruit knife.
The shining thing was the fruit knife that was reflected by the camera's flash.

Yeonghi: One... Two..Three, four... Five... All five of us are here... Who is this? Is it.. A ghost? Did a ghost come while I wasn't here?

Time passed and she kept on thinking.
Then her friends came and greeted each other.
When all her friends sat down next to her, Yeonghi talked about the picture.
Yeonghi and her friends loved ghost stories, and in the hopes of this being a picture of a ghost, went back to the photo studio.

Yeonghi: Mister, something's weird with this photo. There's one more person in here, and could this be the psychogram that we hear so much about?

The employee told them to wait a moment and went back into his workroom.

Yeonghi: It'll be so cool if it really was a ghost!
Friends: Of course! Your house will be known as a ghost house!
Yeonghi: Then will I get money and what not??
Friends: Hey maybe so! Hahaha! Fear is great during hot days hahahah!

Then, the employee came back.

Yeonghi: So, mister, is it really a ghost?
Man: Ah this isn't a ghost.
Yeonghi: Awwww, okay. Thank you very much.

Yeonghi felt great disappointment and gave pictures to her friends and went back home.
Her friends knew how disappointed she was and though they wanted to help her, they didn't know what to do.
Then not too soon later, one friend suddenly screamed.

Friend1: OH MY GOD!!!
Friend2: What, what?! You scared me!!
Friend1: Quick!! Call Yeonghi back!!
Friend2: Hey, hey, what's wrong!

At that moment, Yeonghi unlocked the front door and went inside her home.
With a click the door opened and Yeonghi let out a sigh as she went inside.

Yeonghi: *sigh*... It would have been great it if was a ghost...

Yes, it would have been great if it was only a ghost....

(The extra thing in the picture wasn't a ghost, but a person. A murderer.)

tag : another,person,yeonghi

[2ch] The Neighbor Downstairs


I used to live in an apartment alone, and the person downstairs was dangerous.

"Hey you piece of shit, you're loud!"
He was dressed like a demon, and came to our house and started getting angry.
"Are you doing gymnastics or something? I can't sleep! Think about the person downstairs!"
It felt like he was about to choke me, but when I'm home I only sleep or read books. I don't make any thumping sounds, so I didn't believe him.
But still, he was pretty angry, and was wearing something like a Yakuza outfit.
He always went back after I apologized. Maybe he was was a very sensitive person...

Not too long after, instead of him coming to complain, I could hear a "Bang! Bang!" sound from somewhere.
I could hear it from the floor. The man downstairs was probably hitting the ceiling with something.
"Wait, is this a revenge....?" I was getting pissed, and when I was wondering what I should do, the man downstairs suddenly got arrested.
He apparently hit someone from the town.
He was seriously addicted to narcotics, and showed signs of mental illness.
The noise he was complaining about was surely from the delusions.

Then one day,someone [probably the police] went inside his house.
In a room filled with trash, there was a big kitchen knife wrapped in aluminum foil in a makeshift spear.
He was apparently using that to hit the ceiling.
The ceiling was completely dug out, and if he had dug a just little more, they say that he could have seen my room's tatami floor.

tag : 2ch, neighbor,downstairs

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